dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

My birthday is coming up!

The 25th of October it's my birthday! I made a little modest wishlist with just a few things on it like books, beautyproducts by Rituals, a nice agenda for 2010.
BUT THEN IT HAPPENED.... I discovered this website (www.kleinezebra.com) full with things that turn me in an instant shopoholic...WANT IT ALL!!! Great bags, trendy wannahaves and things that make me wanna be a kid again; crocheted stuffed animals, tents to hide in, pirate- and fairycostumes (sigh).

Just made up my mind; it's oke, and there is absolutely nothing
wrong with getting myself some fairystamps for my 32-birthday! ;-)

Sweet clouds garland.

Crocheted vase with flowers.

Porcupine duvet.

Cushion 'sleeping beauty'.

Supercute stuffed owl.

They have so many great stampboxes, wouldn't know which one to choose, the garden or the princessstamps or the magical fairies?

Fifties lamp.

Fruit and vegetable shopping bag.

Lovely bags for a weekend stay over.

1 opmerking:

  1. yay girl almost time for your birthday :)
    i would choose the garden stamps.. mmm why not all this cute stuff ;)

    I discovered this lovely site about a year ago, when i was looking for that fawn lamp that i really love :) I haven't ordered anything yet.. but i've got a feelin'.... ha ha