zondag 20 december 2009

Pushing daisies

On such a wintery day as today there is nothing greater than to watch dvd's on the couch with a nice cup of ginger tea and a purring cat on your lap. I'm so glad I gave myself the dvdbox with season 1 of Pushing Daisies. The story is as followed:

Love is forever. Death — eh, it depends. As a boy, Ned (Lee Pace, right) discovers that he can revive dead people (and dogs and flies) by touching them. There are two catches: if they stay alive more than a minute, someone else dies in their stead, and if he touches them again, they die again — permanently. Ned grows into a shy, touch-averse man, making extra cash by asking murder victims who killed them, then re-icing them and collecting the reward. When one victim turns out to be his boyhood love, Chuck (Anna Friel), Ned can't bring himself to re-kill her. And he can never touch her again.

It's a bit like a fairytale, really love the dresses and coats the girl 'Chuck' wears, the pies they make and ofcourse 'Ned' he's so cute!!! Reminds me of my own 'Ned' ;)

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