donderdag 1 oktober 2009

Woonbeurs (Living fair) Amsterdam

Last weekend I visited the 'Woonbeurs' (Living fair) in Amsterdam. Because we got there very early we were able to make great pictures...without to many visitors getting in the way ;-) The pictures you see here are from the house greated by the magazine VT Wonen. The kept it all in white colours which created a calm serene atmosphere.

I especially love the IKEA lamp, which resembles a dandylion.

The background at this workingarea
(with ofcourse a lovely Apple computer)
is made of felt so it's easy to put up new inspiring things.

I also love the happy drawings painted on the glass of a cabinet.
The drawings are made by Maartje Kuiper:

"The strongest woman in the world is the one who can quit after one belgian chocolate"
How briljant is that?! :)

So nice to have in your home as a display you can change all the time.

The latest trend; knitted vases.

This is it for today. I'll show you more pictures of the fair this week!

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