vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Grey can be great!

Today has been a good day so far. I'm finally getting my energy back after being sick. I'm soooo glad because last week I felt so tired that even changing the channel of the TV seemed like a huge task...euhm...yah...I know! ;-)

But today I worked on my assignment for my interior design class making a moodboard for a man that likes travelling, design furniture, blue colours and has a tiger rug. Down below you can check out what I made so far. I would like to add a few words like 'Ocean travelling' or something like that and somehow put in the name of the owner of the house. Have to think on how to work that one out...

I also choose two shades of grey which I would like to paint the walls in our new house with. This wasn't easy because you have MANY shades like colder shades of grey; with blue and purple and warmer brown shades. For example, we have teak furniture and when you put it in front of a brown-grey wall it will take on the same colour of the furniture, so it's way more exiting to put our teak furniture in front of a darker strong grey colored wall like 'kiezel', because then it will stand out way more!

And 'kiezel' is my favourite now because it goes well with our furniture and with my other favourite colours blue, purple and pink!

Lovely grey & blue/turquoise inspiration

Lovely grey & purple inspiration

One final question: Way do cats ALWAYS tend to sit exactly on your homework? Anyone???

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