zondag 21 maart 2010

10 things on my wish list for our new home!

In less then a month we'll be getting the key for our new house, how exciting!!! I desided to make a wish list for things I would really really like for our new place. Here they are:

1. shelves in our living room for displaying my favourite books and magazines and some other collectables I love. This really gives a personal touch to your living room and of course it's also great to be able to look at your beloved things every day!

2. A beautiful painting made by me best friend Vera. It's nice to have something as special as a handmade item by someone special in your living room.

3. A soft white rug in front of the couch for a cosy feeling.

4. A rocking chair. I've been craving one like forever! I'm first going to check out all the vintage stores in my new town to find one that is extra special.

5. A (knitted) footstool, which can be used as a little table.

6. A large bookcase so I don't half to store half of my books on the attic anymore because of lack of space.

7. This amazing fairytale lamp made by the Dutch designer Tord Boontje.

8. An old dressmakers dummy for in the bedroom to display nice scarfs and necklaces.

9. A round dining table.

10. A large IKEA wardrobe closet with the shadow of a branch at the front. How nice to have a closet in which you can see all your clothes en jewellery (love the special drawer they have for jewellery). Even though I can't buy all these items all at once (that would also take away the fun of longing for it & the fun when you finually find and buy it!) by making a list I can still look at them, dream away and know that they won't be forgotten!

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