vrijdag 2 april 2010

Merry Easter - Vrolijk pasen!

How wonderful and unexpected; today I totally got the Easter spirit and crafted some ornaments for in my Easter branch! This morning, while I was doing my shopping, I ran into this great thick blue felt and it just got me started. Last week I bought cute cookie cutters at my crocery store, never thought that they would come in handy this way ;-) It was way fun to make them and not that difficult so if you're done painting those Easter eggs....

Wishing you very nice Easter days!!!

Today I also bought this darling garland saying 'Merry Easter', so I didn't make this one myself but really love the little flowers on it. I was so happy because it was the last one and because someone put it out of place and I happened to find it I can enjoy it now! :)

1 opmerking:

  1. hey lekkere creabea :P fijn he die crop-a-dile, is echt 1 van mijn favoriete creaspullies! Jij ook fijne Pasen en tot snellie :D XO.