donderdag 3 juni 2010

A little pond

The sun is shining outside!!! So it's time for some gardentalk :)
In my former house we had an itsy bitsy pound with real running water. I really enjoyed the sound of running water while sitting in my garden, it helps me relax and enjoy reading a magazine in the sun with a nice cold refreshment even more. The only thing was that because it was so tiny it got clogged pretty soon. In other words, I could only enjoy the sound of running water for 1 1/2 hours before it got clogged again :S

Because a normal sized pound takes a lot of maintenance i decided not to make one in my new garden, but i do like the idea of water in my garden en i also adore water lilies so what to do?!?! I found the solution in two plant containers which i putted on top of each other and TADAAA...there was my little pound again! Not with running water but with a water lily and some other nice water plants. The water lily still has to come out but it's somewhere out there :) So even if you have a little garden or balcony you can have you're own little pound!

Today i'm going to paint some pottery where i'm going to grow my own herbs (to cook with)in. I'll show you the result this weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!!! Love Lucy

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  1. Hi :) heerlijk he zo'n tuintje en zo'n weertje :D Wij hebben vandaag ook lekker in de tuin geklust en Harold heeft de bbq in elkaar gezet :) Ik denk dat har niet kan wachten om m uit te proberen strakkies :) We gaan morgen lekker naar het strand joehoeeee! ♥