maandag 22 maart 2010

A single man

Yesterday evening I saw the movie 'A single man' with two girlfriends and it was very impressive. If you love it when a movies lingers in your mind for a couple of days you should definitely see this one.

The movie is directed by Tom Ford (yes the Gucci fashion designer) and tell's the story of a qay man 'George'an English professor (played by Colin Firth) who becomes depressed after loosing the love of his live.

What makes this movie so great are a couple of things. First of all the acting by Colin Firth, the part in which he hears about the sudden death of his boyfriend is absolutely brilliant. Second thing is that the movie takes place in 1962 and the clothes are so wonderful; think men with large black glasses, pretty suits and shiny shoes and women with beautiful dresses with small waists, big hear and lots of eyeliner. Also loved the furniture! and the music and the way the colors of the movie change along with the mood of George. I could just go on and on!

There are so many great inspiring shots in this movie *sigh* so if you have the change...

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