zondag 18 april 2010

My brother in law, Maurice, is turning 40 tomorrow but we're celebrating today! This afternoon we're going to have some pie at my sisters house and then we're going bowling. Don't get me wrong I really like bowling but i'm glad it's only for one hour because today the weather is way to lovely to sit inside.

Maurice didn't have anything left on his wishlist so we're giving him money. And since giving money for a birthday is pretty plane I made a little time(between coordinating the workers in our new house and looking for furniture) to make something for him. He's a really huge Kane fan (Dutch rockband) so I hope he will like it!

Yesterday Niek & I choose curtains for in the livingroom, we picked out the flooring for the first and second floor and we found some potential furniture pieces at IKEA. Show you some pictures next time!!! Have a great Sunday!

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